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How to Make Lace Front Hairline Look Natural

by Mercedes

The lace front hairline is one of the most popular types of lace wigs. It adds a realistic look and feel to your hair and gives you the option to wear it as a full wig or parted in the middle. You can also curl and straighten this type of wig just like your natural hair.

If you’re thinking about buying a lace frontal wig, here are some tips on how to make it look natural:

Buy a wig with a monofilament edge

The monofilament edge creates a smooth, natural appearance around the perimeter of your face, which helps hide the fact that you are wearing a wig. The monofilament is attached to the lace by hand, so there may be some slight variations in colour or texture between each piece of lace in your hairline.

Use concealer underneath your eyes

This helps to cover up any patches where the lace was sewn together at the temple or nape area. This might also be necessary if you have thinning hair on one side of your head, but it should not be necessary if your hair is completely full from top to bottom (this is when it is recommended to use an adhesive spray).

Use an invisible tape method

The most popular method of hiding the hairline is by using a clear plastic tape or an invisible thread. You can buy these tapes at beauty supply stores or online, but it is best that you use an invisible thread as it will last longer than tapes. The process is simple: just put on a small piece of tape or thread across your forehead where your hair would normally be parted and pin it down with bobby pins on either side of your head. This way, when people see you from behind they won’t notice any difference between your natural hairline and where the lace begins!

Use High Quality lace front Wig

A good quality lace front wig will look more natural than an inferior one. It will feel softer, have more volume and be easier to style. The best way to make sure you’re getting a good quality piece is to do some research or ask around on forums and sites like Quora before making a purchase.

Choose The Right Texture

There are many textures available for lace front wigs and choosing one depends on what kind of style you want to achieve. There are thick textures and thin ones, curly ones and straight ones, etc., so it’s important that you choose one that matches your natural hair type as closely as possible because this will make the difference between looking fake or real.


When it comes to hairline design, lace front is the best option out there. It’s more natural, pain free and can be easily trim to suit your face. But hairline is difficult to make as you have to keep it from looking fake. There are two ways that can help you get lace front look naturally; one is hairline tattoo, which always looks fake and never blend nicely with your natural hairline and the other way is building a lace front wig with pre-bonded hair, which lasts for about 4-6 months or longer if taken care of properly. That’s why This article is here to teach you how to make a hairline design look natural and last longer.

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